Choosing a Basement Leak Sealer

Many homeowners find themselves dealing with a basement leak . The main cause of basement leaks is water infiltration from the ground outside through the concrete blocks or concrete foundation. There are many concrete sealers on the market which are designed to solve this problem, but they won't be effective unless the water problem outside is solved first.

Finding the Outside Water Problem First

It is completely useless to paint the interior basement walls with even the best sealer if there is water nearby on the outside. One of the causes could be the gutters. Large downpours of water from gutters which are too close to the foundation should be the first issue to address. Puddles of water near the house are responsible for most basement leaks.

Choosing a Sealer

Once the water problems on the outside are solved, choose a basement sealer that is sodium-silicate based. Using such a sealer will stop the humidity from penetrating the concrete. It will also prevent mold and mildew from growing and water seepage. This sealer can easily be applied with a roller or a brush on concrete walls and floors which are free of any chemical residue such as glue or paint.