Choosing a Blade for Your Cordless Circular Saw

The blades used with a cordless circular saw will change depending on they type of material you wish to cut. Battery powered circular saws offer a more convenient and mobile alternative to the corded variety. Different blades are used for a wide variety of projects, whether you want to cut wood, metal, brick or concrete pavers.  

Blades for Cordless Circular Saws

The most common type of blade for circular saws are those used to cut wood. By far that is the material that is most often cut with this type of saw. There are many different blades, however, depending on the job. These include blades for ripping,     

crosscutting and combination blades that do both. There are general purpose blades that work for a wide variety of cuts. In addition, blades for soft wood and hard wood may differ as well. Wood coated in veneer, as well as laminates, requires a blade designed to make such cuts. If you intend to cut metal or brick with your circular saw, a different blade must be attached. 

Whether you are cutting wood, metal or brick, different blades are required for your cordless circular saw. For wood, there are several sub-varieties of blades designed for very specific purposes.