Choosing A Child Proof Door Lock For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen can be a danger for children, making a child proof door lock on cabinets an important addition to your kitchen. There are many child proof door lock systems that you can choose from, which makes purchasing them more complicated. The following article will share with you why you should use a child proof door lock, how they are used and the best one for your needs.

Is a Child Proof Door Lock Necessary

There are many cases every year where children have gotten into kitchen chemicals, cleaning products and utensils. Some of these cases the child is lucky and no serious damage occurs, but not all of them are that lucky. Children are very curious and inquisitive and enjoy repeating what they see you, friends or family doing. These are not actions that should be done in kitchens due to the dangers present.

Many Kinds of Child Proof Door Locks

Most of the safety locks you find will be made from plastic. They do this because this makes them pliable in little hands but strong enough to withstand the abuse. The most common child proof door lock is a simple latch system. These are installed on the inside of the cabinet door. When the door is opened the hook catches and cannot be completely opened unless you reach in the door and press down on the latch.

Another common door lock is a slider lock. There is a "U" shape plastic piece that is slide around both knobs of two facing cabinet doors with another piece sliding on the other end to lock in place. You have to press both ends of the slider in order to open the cabinet. There are strap locks that work the same way as the plastic locks. These are all adequate locks but certainly are not the best. These locks are usually connected with adhesive which can, with enough force, be ripped off the door.

The Best Child Proof Door Lock

There's one child proof door lock that stands above the rest: magnetic door lock. This is a one piece unit that is installed on the inside of the cabinet with screws and not adhesive. It not only stops infants from accidentally opening cabinets but toddlers as well. You cannot open the cabinet without a metal key that you wave over the door in order to disengage the lock. There is also a switch on this child proof door lock that allows you to turn off the magnet.

Child Proof Door Lock Prices

Purchasing a child proof door lock may come down to price. Each type and style of door lock can have differing prices. The costs involved with these child proof door locks vary greatly, depending on the material and the mechanism. This is one product, however, that you should never cheap because you do get what you pay for. A cheap child proof door lock can easily be broken or forced open with very little effort.