Choosing a Decorative Fireplace Screen for Your Home

If you are looking for a decorative fireplace screen for your home, then you will find that there are many options available to you. While these screens are very functional, they can also be an attractive part of your room's decor.

Paneled Fireplace Screens
Some of the most popular decorative fireplace screens are those with three or four folding panels. Single-paneled and flat fireplace screens are also popular. These screens come in many styles; with and without arches. They may have an oriental or traditional look, a standard wire look, or be decorated with pictures of your favorite animal or natural scene.

Fireplace Screens with Doors
These screens make it unnecessary to remove the screen in order to tend to the fire. The screens remain stationary while the doors in the screen open to allow access to the fire. This practical piece comes in many attractive styles.

Glass and Stained Glass Screens
These screens come in many very striking and colorful designs. The glittering beauty of clear glass is found in a variety of styles of door with larger flat panels of glass, or leaded patterns that give a traditional look. Stained glass screens are found in a beautiful and striking array of designs. Peacock tails, floral bouquets, and natural scenes are the most popular, but there are other designs available as well.

Visit your local hardware store to choose the screen that best suits your decorating needs.