Choosing a Dresser for Kids Bedrooms: Five Fun Decorating Tips Choosing a Dresser for Kids Bedrooms: Five Fun Decorating Tips

A dresser is an important piece of furniture in a child’s bedroom. Not only does it add storage and organization to the room, it can also be used to bring in a special kiddie appeal to the room’s décor. Instead of sticking with the staid colors and plain looks of most store-bought dressers, you can easily personalize it and decorate it to suit your child’s personality and room décor.

Here are five fun decorating tips for a dresser in a kids’ bedroom.

Using Chalkboard Paint to Create a Writable Dresser

Kids, especially preschoolers and tweens, will love to have a surface to doodle or scribble on. Paint the dresser with a coat of chalkboard paint to create a lovely writable dresser in next to no time. In fact, the dresser will also be great when your kid grows up since you’ll be able to leave each other reminders and notes right there on the dresser drawers.

Make the Dresser Magnetic

Magnetic paint is an easy and effective way to turn the dresser in a kid’s room into a unique bulletin board. You can then decorate it with artwork, cute magnets, photos and other memorabilia.

Add a Coat of Kiddie Colors

If your dresser is a boring, dull color, the easiest way to make it fit into a kid’s bedroom is to add a coat or two of paint. Choose your child’s favorite colors or pick kid-friendly colors such as candy pink, bright red, pale blue, a cheery yellow or even, a grassy green. Prepare the dresser by sanding it lightly to help the paint adhere. Then, get busy. You can use stencils to mark out stripes or paint polka dots, hearts or clouds and decorate the dresser in next to no time. You can even use hot glue and alphabet tiles or letters from a kid’s game set and stick them onto the painted dresser for a cool, alphabet dresser.

Decorating the Dresser with Accessories

If painting the dresser seems to big a task, you can decorate the dresser and brighten it up with accessories. Tying colorful, broad ribbons on the knobs will add a whimsical touch while sticking on decals to suit the décor will liven up the room without any effort. You can even add hooks to the side of the dresser and hang your child’s favorite toy or keepsake, such as a pair of baby shoes. You can also, use a girl’s hair accessories and hot glue them to the dresser for a special, girly dresser. With boys, you can take miniature action figures or cars and hot glue them to the fronts of the drawers and create an “action-packed” dresser with minimum effort. Glue the accessories or action figures randomly and pick colors that blend in well with the room’s color scheme.

Using Paper to Decorate a Dresser

For a unique, cartoon- or nursery-themed dresser, you can easily decoupage the dresser with pages from a nursery rhyme book or cartoon magazine. Another option is to use wallpaper to brighten up the dresser. Remove the knobs and add the wallpaper to the front of the dresser. Add the knobs back on for a fun and colorful dresser that can be changed as and when you want. Creating a collage of photos is another fun way to decorate the dresser. Sand the surface lightly, paste on the photographs in a collage fashion and finish off with a coat of sheer paint to “laminate” the collage.

These five fun decorating tips for a child’s bedroom dresser are easy, quick and inexpensive as well. So, go ahead, and add a dash of sunshine to your child’s room by brightening up the boring dresser.



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