Choosing a Faucet Hole Cover for Your Sink

A faucet hole cover is used to cover the standard or custom unused holes in the top of your sink. You may be replacing a faucet unit that does not require all the holes currently available. You may be removing a soap dispenser or spray hose unit which will leave an exposed hole in the sink. When purchasing a new sink you should consider all the things you may want to install in the future. It is much simpler to cover these holes than to remove the sink in order to have them drilled out at a later time.

Size of Faucet Hole Cover

The type of drill used to bore out these holes is a standard 2 inches. There may be other sizes bored by a custom design. Before you purchase, make a quick check of the diameter of the faucet hole you wish to cover.

Types of Hole Covers

The “clip on” faucet hole cover is simple and effective for most applications. Standard 2 inch circular top with a flanged lower rim allows the design to simply “pop” into the hole. To insure the best seal, it is advisable to use an upgraded version with a wing nut attachment. This type is slightly more expensive but far more effective in eliminating leaks.