Choosing a Fireplace Trim Kit

There are a lot of fireplace trim kits out in the market and most of them have the same features, which is why it is essential that you choose a kit that allows you to style your fireplace trim the way you want. Your fireplace trim is serves not only as an important part of your fireplace but it can also be a focal point in any room.

Wooden Fireplace Trim Kits

One nice fireplace trim design you could have is the wooden one. If you cannot find one with that kind of design, you can always modify your fireplace trim yourself. To do so, cut three pieces of wood to size so that the edges meet together. You can have the wood stained to your liking and then painted with a coat of fire-retardant. You can even choose to add a carved wood in lieu of the pieces of wood. 

Painted Fireplace Trim Kits

The color of your fireplace trim is very important as this will tie your fireplace to the whole design of your home. Not all fireplace trims will be in the specific color that you want so you should just find one with the shape and style that you like the most and then paint in the exact color that you want. When it comes to painting your fireplace trim, you need to know what your fireplace trim is made of in order for you to purchase the appropriate paint. If your fireplace trim is metallic, you will need to sand it down first before applying rust-proof paint.  

Metal Trim Kits

If you would like to transform your fireplace trim from wooden to metal, that is not problem at all. There are metal trim kits in the market that you can purchase to completely change the whole look of your fireplace trim. You can look for metal trim kits that carry the design that you like. There are also metal trim kits that are in different paints and finishes. If you find a metal trim in the design that you want, you can always paint the metal trim in the color or finish that you desire. Most kits will include an adhesive that will be compatible with your metallic trim although if your kit is without one, you can always purchase an appropriate adhesive in any hardware store.

Tile Trim Kits

Tile trim kits serve the purpose of changing your existing fireplace trim to one that is adorned with decorative tiles. The beauty of tile trim kits is that there are so many designs and colors to choose from. You can always find tiles that complement your home’s theme.

Thin Brick Tiles Trim Kits

Brick tiles will give your home a very rustic feel that you can hardly find in any ordinary fireplace trim. The great thing with these brick tiles from such trim kits is that they are thin so it won’t take you a very long time or that much adhesive to have the tiles installed.