Choosing a Great Font for Your Wedding Announcements Choosing a Great Font for Your Wedding Announcements

Planning and designing your wedding announcements is an exacting task that takes time as well as money. Choosing the best type font can be confusing given the variety of styles available. But by sticking to your wedding theme and sampling different fonts you can find the one that makes the best statement for your wedding.

Find a Font that Expresses the Wedding Theme

If you are having a themed wedding, you may want to find a font that complements your theme. For a classic wedding, go with a font that is elegant and beautiful. A contemporary wedding's invitations should still be elegant, but perhaps with straighter, more modern lines.

Choose a Font that is Easy to Read

If you choose an overly ornate font that is difficult to read, it will confuse your guests, no matter how wonderful the font. Your invitation is meant to convey specific information including names, date, time and location. While you also want it to be beautiful, muddying up the information with overwrought type may make it difficult for your guests to read and understand.

Sample Invitations

Find out if it is possible for you to get sample invitations in several different fonts. If not, find out the names of the fonts and type a sample invitation on your home computer, using fonts as close as possible to the ones your printer has. Print out each font and look at them carefully to decide which you like best. Consider showing them to a friend as well, to get their input.

There are many excellent fonts available. If your invitation designer doesn't have one you like, ask if you can bring in a new font on a disk. This will open you up to many new opportunities.




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