Choosing a Height for Bar Patio Chairs Choosing a Height for Bar Patio Chairs

Before you purchase a set of bar patio chairs, you will need to first consider the height of your patio bar or table. If you are constructing a custom patio bar, familiarize yourself with the standard heights of patio chairs before you finalize your plans.

Weather and Bar Patio Chairs

Bar chairs come in a variety of materials like wood, wicker, bamboo, metal and plastic. Consider weather and placement when you choose the style of bar patio chairs that suit your needs. A harsher climate or an uncovered patio will require a durable material like plastic or metal. Wood, wicker and bamboo bar chairs will probably need to be stored in the winter and covered during inclement weather.

Patio Bar or Table

Your next consideration is what function your bar patio chairs will serve. If you intend to put them at a bar or at a tall patio table, you will need to ensure they are properly sized for maximum seating comfort.

The Height of the Bar

It is common to choose a height for your portable or fixed patio bar that is comfortable for the bartender to stand at and make drinks. But you should also consider the comfort of the people drinking at the bar. If they choose to stand at the bar, the bar height should be comfortable for them to stand and lean against.

Standard Bar Chair Heights

The standard height of a bar chair is from 29 to 31 inches tall, from the floor to the seat. The standard for counter-height chairs is 24 to 26 inches from floor to seat. Besides the height, you'll want to check the distance between the bottom of the bar counter or table and the seat. This is one of the most important factors in choosing a height for the bar patio chairs.

You should measure 10 to 12 inches between the seat and the bottom of the bar counter. This space allows you enough room to easily slide onto the chair and to keep most of your torso well above the bar while you are seated.

Again, if you plan to build a custom-designed bar and then purchase the chairs, be certain to build the bar to a height that will accommodate the standard height of bar patio chairs and still leave enough space for comfortable sitting. A good fit between the bar counter and the bar chairs will ensure the most relaxing patio experience for your family and your guests.

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