Choosing A Hood Vent For An Island Cooktop Choosing A Hood Vent For An Island Cooktop

Kitchen vent hoods come with a wider range of styles and installations than ever before. Many homeowners have chosen to install a cooktop in a kitchen island as a method of increasing the size and flexibility of their existing kitchen.

Decide on a Budget

Island cooktop vents can range from the simplest standard inexpensive aluminum vent to extremely expensive hammered copper overhead vents. Before you settle on exactly what hood vent you want for your island cooktop, you will first need to determine how much money you have available to spend on the project. Keep in mind that not only will you need to budget for the vent itself, but also for the installation and any construction work that needs to accompany the installation, including constructing a vent stack for kitchen exhaust.

Determine What Size Hood Vent

Measure the island and the cooktop. You will need a vent that provides adequate air circulation and the hood will also need to be hung from the ceiling. Measure the height of the ceiling and decide how low you want the hood to hang.

Decide on Architectural Style

One factor in installing a kitchen hood vent over an island cooktop is what kind of architectural style exists in your kitchen. Some kitchens are particularly suited for making the vent a statement that compliments the kitchen décor. However, other kitchen designs work better if the hood vent is designed to blend into the background rather than being a decorating focal point.

Comparison Shop

Begin looking at different examples of kitchen vent hoods installed over kitchen islands by perusing home improvement and decorating magazines like Sunset, This Old House and others. If you have a specific decorating style that you are highlighting in your kitchen, look for magazines that reflect that decorating style for examples similar to the type of kitchen hood you find attractive and desirable.

Look at all the various details that are highlighted on different vent hood styles. Not only do hoods come with many different finishes, textures and decorative flourishes, but contemporary vent hoods also have controls like touch sensitive controls, lights and fans. Additionally, some hoods also have grease filters and variable fan speeds.

Visit home improvement centers to find out specific hood part numbers and ordering information. Also look online for suppliers of the specific hood you are interested in purchasing. Very often, it is possible to find better prices from online retailers, provided you are comfortable making online purchases.

Before making such a purchase, make sure that you understand the retailer’s return policy, should you discover that the hood does not meet your expectations when it arrives.

Once you have decided on the best kitchen hood vent for your cooktop island installation, then begin to talk to home improvement contractors about scheduling your project. Be prepared that during busy times of the year it may be necessary to schedule a popular contractor ahead of time.

Island kitchen hoods are an essential fixture in order to provide exhaust and ventilation for kitchen fumes as the cooktop is used to prepare meals. Choosing a hood vent requires planning a budget, carefully measuring for the required size and deciding on the architectural style and design to compliment the kitchen.


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