Choosing a Murphy Bed Choosing a Murphy Bed

No longer just for small, cramped apartments, a Murphy bed is an installation that gives any room more space. A Murphy bed folds into the adjoining wall usually from the bottom of the bed up. Its pivot point is at the head of the bed, but some fold up from the side. When the bed is folded down, it resembles any bed. When folded into the wall, however, the bottom of the bed is made to look like paneling to blend in with the wall. Some Murphy beds, when folded up, have doors that enclose them, making it look like a closet. In addition to the improvements made to Murphy beds since their invention, you have options if you decide to install one. Among them include mattress, frame, size and the look of the exterior when folded up. 

Why a Murphy Bed

Even if your bedroom has ample space, a Murphy bed makes it seem more open. For studio apartments, a Murphy bed can free up a lot of room that would otherwise be occupied by the bed. While bed sets are often considered an important aspect of interior bedroom design, this is not the case when you have a Murphy bed. The bed is merely a place to sleep. When it’s not in use, you fold it up into the wall, disguising its presence with closet doors or the appearance of a solid wall. 

Murphy Bed Function

A Murphy bed consists of the same basic components as it always has, although improvements have been made over the years. The metal frame pivots along both sides at the head of the bed and is weighted and on springs to make it easy to fold up. Much like an oven door, when opened all the way, cannot snap shut, so too a murphy bed does not fold up on its own. It has springs built into the steel frame to support the mattress and automatic legs that fall into place when the bed is laid out and against the frame when the bed is folded up. Some Murphy beds fold up from the side when vertical and/or horizontal space is an issue. 

Murphy Bed Options

Many of the same options you have with traditional beds are available with Murphy beds. These include general size, whether twin, full, queen or king. Check with the manufacturer and installer of the murphy bed to determine if you can use a pre-existing mattress. The two options unique to Murphy beds are the method in which the bed folds up and the design of the cabinetry that conceals the folded-up bed. As mentioned, Murphy beds fold up both from the bottom up and side up. The space you have available may dictate which option you choose. The choice of the outer cabinetry will determine how the bed looks in the room when it is up. Of course, you won’t see the bed, but you will see paneling, closet-like doors or another facade when the bed is up. 

A Murphy bed offers the perfect sleeping arrangement for a small bedroom or studio apartment where space would otherwise run short. When down, a Murphy bed is an attractive bed that comes in the same sizes as traditional beds. When up, however, the only trace of the bed is the attractive paneling, cabinetry or closet doors concealing it. 

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