Choosing a Slipcover for Your Sofa Bed

If you have a sofa bed, you have most likely spent a considerable amount of money for it, so rather than replacing it when its shabby or you need to re decorate, try a slipcover. They are available ready made and custom made in all colors and fabric choices.

Step 1: Cost

A custom made slip cover can be expensive. There are varying factors that will influence the cost, including type of fabric, size of the sofa,and hourly charge for a professional to make it. The cost of a custom cover can easily be as much as you paid for the sofa originally. However if it is a well built, sturdy piece of furniture, the cost to replace most likely has increased.

Ready made slip covers are less expensive than custom covers, but may not fit as well. Be sure to measure your sofa carefully before you purchase the cover.

Step 2: Fabric

Consider where the sofa is used before you choose a fabric. Suit the durability and washability of the fabric to your lifestyle. Also take into consideration the color of your room and decorating scheme. Changing to a slipcover can change the entire look of the room, so is a good choice if you're redecorating on a budget.