Choosing a Sturdy and Stylish Patio Umbrella Base

When choosing a patio umbrella base, there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind so that you get the one you want. Take your time picking one that will satisfy all your requirements. This article will discuss what you'll want to keep in mind.

Size of the Umbrella

The most important consideration while choosing the umbrella base is the size of the umbrella. If the umbrella has a very large diameter, use a large heavy iron umbrella base for the best stability. The different materials available in umbrella bases are plastic, mosaic, aluminum, concrete, sand filled, and off the wall plastic mounted. Concrete, aluminum and mosaic are all heavy duty bases that can be used with larger umbrellas, whereas other ones can be used with different kinds of smaller sizes.

Type of Umbrella

The kind of umbrella that is going to sit on your base will determine the type of base you need to buy. Even the material used to build the umbrella matters while choosing a base. Umbrellas can also be categorized based on whether or not they go through the table. Freestanding ones are the ones that need sturdy bases to stay put. For example, in breezy conditions, you need a base that can securely hold on to the umbrella as well as stay firmly on the ground. Hence, you need to have a base with a long and strong clamp and one that can hold the umbrella even in all operating conditions.

Base Portability

While it is rather simple to simply buy the biggest and bulkiest base and be assured of security, it may not always be the wisest. You may want something that is more portable in case you use the umbrella only once in a while and store it elsewhere when not in use. For such situations, buying a heavy iron base will be a problem. There are bases with integrated rollers which can support heavy weights. Buy one of these models if you prefer to move the umbrella around when it's not being used.

Prices Vary

Bases are available from as low as $30 to as high as $350; with the price increasing as features increase. If price is an issue, you'll want to decide on a base and then buy an umbrella that works with it; you'll need to decide on the combination of the umbrella and base beforehand. If price does not matter, then buying the umbrella first and then the base would be the right manner to proceed.