Choosing a Stylish Yet Effective Storm Door Lock Choosing a Stylish Yet Effective Storm Door Lock

A storm door lock provides a functional purpose, but it may be attractive as well. Choosing an effective lock that also looks good is a task that may take a little time, but is worth the results.

Keyed Exterior Deadbolt

For extra security on your storm door, look for a deadbolt that is keyed from the outside as well as inside. This provides an extra secure lock for your home.

Keyed locks in general are a step up in security from the simple turn lock that characterizes less secure storm door hardware.

Design Your Own Door

Several storm door manufacturers allow the consumer to choose their own door components when shopping in-store. This way, you can choose more stylish hardware with more effective safety features than you might get in a prepackaged kit. You generally have up to six different designer hardware kits to choose from.

Storm Door Mortise Locksets

Mortise locksets on a storm door are more secure than the handle locks that characterize storm door hardware. They also come in much more attractive and elegant styles for the more discriminating homeowner.

Large manufacturers have a selection of Mortise locksets for storm doors, and a search on the internet or at the home improvement store will find several options.

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