Choosing a Toilet Flush Valve for Your Bathroom

There are many options available when you want to change out your toilet flush valve. Be sure that whichever flush valve you choose is compatible with your toilet tank.

Different Flush Valve Types

Flush valves come in different materials and styles. Flush valves are now made to be quiet and low-flow for water conservation. They can have brass fixtures or hard plastics. Flush valves have different floats installed on them, either the float ball style or the newer style that has the float attached directly to the water fill tube to improve the valve fill shut off.

Brass Assembly

Brass is an excellent choice for toilet fixtures because it is water resistant and does not have the potential for corrosion in a toilet system. The metal is not as hard as steel and is less likely to crack if under pressure. 

Plastic Assembly

If you wish to save some money you can opt to purchase a hard plastic assembly. When choosing this style it is a very good idea to understand that plastics will weaken with time, especially in a fluid environment like the tank of a toilet. Although plastics have been improved with advances in science, they are still plastic and have the potential to rot and crack.

Siphoning Air

Toilet flush valves can work either with an air siphoning or anti air siphoning feature. A siphon tank valve has the negative result of having the water that is in the tank being potentially sucked back down the system during low water pressure times. You could experience low water pressure if a water main in your neighborhood were to occur or if a fire broke out and the firemen have to open up a hydrant.

Anti Air Siphoning Feature

Anti air siphoning toilet flush valves are the solution to the problems caused by low water pressure in a home or a neighborhood.  The valve is designed to not allow the water that is in the tank to be back-pulled into the water supply system, enabling your toilet to continue flushing properly even if there is not sufficient water to maintain the proper pressure normally. Anti air siphon valves are standard in new low-flow toilets in America, so if you have one of these new toilets you should make sure you get this kind of valve if you have a low flow system. There are government requirements that they exist in this kind of toilet.

Old Style Tank Flush Valve

Of course, there is the old standard you saw when you were a child. You can choose to stick to the flush valve that attaches by a screw to an arm that holds a large black float. The joys of this particular style of tank flush valve is that it is familiar and easily adjustable. Familiarity doesn't usually come up in toilet hardware, but it is important that if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person that you are comfortable with the choices you have made throughout your home.