Choosing a Truck Bed Cover Choosing a Truck Bed Cover

A lid, also referred to as a truck bed cover, is a great addition to any truck that you may own. A truck bed cover is a great way to keep your possessions safe from harsh weather conditions as well as possible theft. This article will help you decide which truck bed cover is right for your needs.

Horizontal and Vertical Storage

If your intention is to transport and store tall more than short item then a truck bed cover that can easily be removed, like a snap truck bed cover, will be a good choice. You will be able to store small items for longer periods of time but can still remove the cover when you need the room. If you are more interested in the small items, you can use a truck bed cover that is more permanently installed on the truck. This also is allows you the ability to lock the truck bed cover to keep your belongings safe and secure in your truck.

Hard Body Covers

If security is a major concern, a hard body truck bed cover may be what you need. These truck bed covers are made out of hard and durable plastic that can be locked. The likelihood of theft is decreased when you have this cover installed on your truck. These covers cost more than soft body covers, but if security if a concern then they are worth the added cost. You can get these covers painted to match your truck and can even have graphics put on them if you want to spend the money. If you need to use the vertical space in your truck often then you will be disappointed as the hard truck bed cover is not always easy to remove. Some of these covers cannot be removed at all. Some of these covers snap in place while others are attached to hydraulics.

Soft Body Covers

There are some benefits to having a soft body truck bed cover and there are a few detractions to them as well. Many of the soft body covers are made out of weather resistant vinyl which makes them able to stand up to the harshness of the seasons. You do lose much of the security that the hard body cover offers. However, the vinyl covers are very easy to adjust as well as add on to and remove as you see fit. Some vinyl covers can withstand the same hazards as hard covers such as two feet of snow and supporting the weight of several people. Tent attachments are also available that can turn your truck bed into a tent for camping.


Before purchasing any type of truck bed cover, you should always check to see if it comes with a warranty or if you can purchase one separately. In some cases, a warranty may even be able to protect your valuables that are being stored inside the bed of your truck. This makes it worth the extra cost.

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