Choosing and Installing Modern Bathroom Mirrors

What You'll Need
Clips & screws (should be supplied with mirror)
Straight Edge
Tape Measure

Updating with modern bathroom mirrors will create the feeling of a much larger space in your bathroom. Multiple mirrors are often used to enhance lighting and expand the space. Depending upon the type of mirrors, installing them can be a do-it-yourself project. While most mirrors are designed for easy installation, if you have chosen a mirror with special hardware or shelving, the process becomes much more complex than just finding center, plumbing and leveling. Follow these steps to install a bathroom mirror.

Step 1 - Measure the Area

The primary factor in choosing a mirror for your bathroom is knowing the size constraints. Determine the range of acceptable dimensions for your new mirror. Take into account the size and placement of the vanity, toilet, tub, and other fixtures. You can choose to place a combination of modern bathroom mirrors to make the room feel larger and lighter.

Step 2 - Choose Mirror

Your best source for information to help you determine which modern bathroom mirrors are best for you is the Internet. There are numerous online suppliers for modern mirrors. Most suppliers will guide you through your choice. Be sure that all mounting hardware is included with purchase. If not, be sure to purchase necessary hardware before installing the mirror.

Step 3 - Prepare the Surface

If you are adding modern bathroom mirrors to an existing bathroom, be sure that the surface is ready for installation. If a recessed medicine cabinet is being replaced, patch the hole in preparation for the new modern mirror. If patching is necessary, be sure to prime and paint the wall behind the mirror first.

Step 4 - Measure for Installation - Frameless Mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors can be either frameless or framed. For frameless mirrors, you will pre-install clips from which you will hang the mirror. Choose the elevation you would like. With a level and a straight edge, draw a horizontal line indicating the bottom of the mirror. Determine the exact center point of the mirror and measure equidistant from there to each bottom corner. That will be where the bottom clips are installed.

Use a drill to drive screws through the bottom clips. In the same manner, use a level and straight edge to measure vertically from each bottom corner to mark the top corners of the mirror. Install the top clips with the drill and screws. Clips and screws should be provided with the mirror. If you have chosen to install multiple mirrors, repeat the procedure on the remaining mirrors.

Step 5 - Installing a Framed Mirror

Installation will vary if your mirror choice includes a frame. Use a tape measure to locate the position of the center of the mirror. At this point you, will install a hanger for the framed mirror. Install it with drill and wall anchors if necessary. Place the mirror on the hanger. Adjust the mirror to make sure it is level and plumb, then clean the mirror.