Choosing Between a Chemical and Natural Clog Remover

Clogged drains are definitely big problems, and you will definitely need a clog remover to solve this problem. This can be caused by solid substances that may accumulate to the pipes coming from your bathroom or kitchen sink, things like hair and food pieces. It is very important that clogged drains are cleared; otherwise you will be annoyed by the slow pacing of drainage in your bathroom or kitchen. This can be remedied using natural methods and substances like baking soda, vinegar and plunger. The use of natural cleaning agents is safer and efficient. However, before the resumption of your cleaning activities, you need to make our own preparations on a cleaning solution.

Making Your Own Natural Clog Remover

Mix white vinegar with water, 1 unit of vinegar and 5 units of water on a container. You can also have a mixture of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda with vinegar. Practitioners must however take caution before proceeding with the methods. Safety should be their primary concern. Prior to any engagements with mixing up the natural cleaning agents, practitioners should wear protective gloves. The method is realized by pouring the cleaning agents on the clogged drain. It is being usually left for about 20 minutes. After which boiling water is also poured down the drain. To reinforce the method, a plunger is usually administered. The procedure is repeated until the drain is cleared for clogs.

Health Concerns when Using Chemical Clog Remover

When using a chemical clog remover in the same manner as using the natural agents, usually toxic fumes are released. Once inhaled, there may be reactions to your body. The toxic gases will stay even after flushing out the clog. These are harmful elements that may have a permanent effect on your respiratory system. These agents are also harmful to children and are known to be deadly. When using chemicals, it is a requirement for practitioners to use extra protective gears and clothing, masks to protect the respiratory system and specialized glasses for the eyes. Direct contact on your skin will cause severe burns on your tissues. And if ingested, it will cause deaths.

Environmental Concerns in Using Chemicals

When using a chemical clog remover, it is flushed out of the drainage system and out in the environment. If you are making use of a sewage system, it will obliterate all the helpful bacteria and cause severe damage to our surroundings. It will sink through soils and mix up with the water ways. It is definitely not good news for the environment.

The Options that We have to Consider

Actually, if you sum things up you will note that there is danger in using chemical agents compared to using the natural elements. It will be best to avoid chemicals to prevent damages in health and the environment. It is about time that we think about how to make positive contributions that will be beneficial to all of us. What we do will always have consequences.