Choosing Bifold Door Hardware

A closet with bifold doors.

There are several different options for bi-fold door hardware. If you already own a bi-fold door, you may experience sticking, unstable sliding, and folding. Modern bi-fold door hardware is built with great durability. Many manufacturers of bi-fold door hardware carry a no-stick, no-slip warranty. Here are some handy tips to think about when choosing a bi-fold door.

1. Take Careful Measurements

The first thing that you must consider when choosing the bi-fold door hardware is the measurement of the depth (thickness) of the bi-fold door you are installing. This is the most important factor when choosing bi-fold door hardware.

2. Knobs vs. Handles?

Second, consider the type of hardware for opening and closing the bi-fold door. Choose either knobs or handles.

Handles are a bit easier to use as they act as great levers when you are opening and closing the door. The handles (levers) are also a better option for people suffering from arthritis and for smaller children.

3. Choose the Right Locking Mechanism

Choose the deadbolt on the door, that locks the bi-fold door firmly in place. Stay away from an inside keyed lock to prevent trapping an individual inside the room or location. Instead, choose something that requires turn buttons.

4. Choose Maintenance Free

For a relatively maintenance-free door, consider purchasing hardware that is coated with PDV (physical vapor deposition). As an exterior door, PDV will prevent excess weathering and deterioration.

5. Opt For a Hadware Kit

There are many companies today that sell bi-fold door hardware kits. There are four common options available to choose from. They are Metal Bi-fold Door hardware, Metal bypass door hardware, wood bi-fold door hardware or wood bypass door hardware. Choosing each type of hardware depends on your needs and it depends on the application or intended utility of your bi-fold door. Let’s talk more about your kit-purchasing options.

Metal Bi-fold Door Hardware & Metal Bypass Door Hardware Kits

Choose this type of hardware when installing very heavy or very large bi-fold doors. This type of hardware makes a great application for interior closet doors. It also holds up very well as a pair of bi-fold doors in a laundry area. Purchase metal bifold door hardware with a metal bi-fold door. Other types of hardware materials(such as wood) are not appropriate for a metal bi-fold door.

Wood Bi-fold Door Hardware & Wood Bypass Door Hardware Kits

Choose this type of hardware when you are installing a light hollow door or when the application of your bi-fold door is not going to require heavy use. If your bi-fold door is being used more to dress up the look and feel of a room or if it is being used as a room divider, go and search for wood bi-fold door hardware. There are so many options, many of which are attractive and very decorative. They will add a nice flair to your room.