Choosing Decor to Coordinate With Your Accent Wall Choosing Decor to Coordinate With Your Accent Wall

In design, the norm is to to coordinate your accent wall to your home decor.  In this article the oposite is the subject. Maybe you have recently moved into a new home and you love the accented walls as they are and do not want to repaint. The challenge then is to work with your current furniture, since it was not purchased with that specific wall in mind.

3 Design Levels

1. Eye level

Eye level refers to the items you hang on the wall at eye level such as mirrors, art or any item hung on the wall is placed in this catagory. The best way to choose decor at this level is to look for colors in a piece of art that pulls in the accent wall color. It needs to be just a hint of the color, so as not to wash out the value of the painting by blending it too strongly into the wall.  If you are desiring to hang family photo's, look for a frame that also has a hint of the accent wall color in it. Or if you are lucky enough, the picture itself may have the color already in it so you can choose a any neutral frame of your liking.

The key here is to provide just a subtle suggestion of the wall color in the Eye Level accent.

2. Mid Level

These are your pieces of furniture within the room. This level also includes pillows, vases, lamps, throws and items that give the room your own personal expression. Furniture fabrics, window treatments and lampshades will go a long way in tying your furnishings to the accent wall.  If you do not want to purchase a new couch to work with the wall try to find pillows that have the color of the featured wall included in the fabric.

Place seasonal flower arrangements on an end table across from the wall to balance and pull color through the rooms space. Window treatments and mirrors can also accomplish this design goal. A mirror is especially effective in reflecting the accent wall from across the room.

The key here is to not overstate the wall color. It is not to be the focal point of the room, but working in harmony with the rest of the design furnishings.

3. Floor Level

This level includes floor and area rugs, 3 dimensional art work, indoor fountains and other accents that finish the room similar to the jewelry with woman's wardrobe. Define a living area with an area rug that includes, once again the accent color of the wall. Or, go with a complimentary color (an opposite on the color wheel). For example if you have a red wall, contrast it with a dominantly green variation of rug, throw or ornamental floor vase.

If your accent wall has an architectural feature like an arch or a unique nook, play off the shape by looking for items that can repeat or reflect the same characteristics of the feature. Applying these additional forms can work well at all three design levels.

One final note of caution. Today's tendency is to add too much to a room. Too much "stuff" distracts from the overall design effect experience of the room.

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