Choosing from Different Varieties of Beets

Beets make eating delicious with their yummy taste and juice. Beet lovers will love to know that planting beets in their garden will help them enjoy the savor of beet salads, beet vegetables and beet greens all throughout summer and winter.

Beets are available in many varieties with different shapes, sizes and colors, ranging from golden to white and red. Most varieties do not grow from their roots but from their greens.

Formanova: The Formanova beet variety is perfect for beet salads. This type is a cylindrical shaped beet and grows up to 8 inches long.

Hybrid beets: The red ace and harrier beets are some of the varieties of hybrid beets. The red ace beets are double duty crops with large nutritious roots. Harrier hybrid beets are a fast growing crop with delicious roots.

Beet Lutz Green Leaf: This is a popular variety of beet for winter storage. They have bright green silky leaves and grow up to four times the size of other beets. These green leaf beets have a sweet taste.

Detroit Dark Red: This variety grows nicely for both roots and greens in good temperature conditions and a wide range of soils. They are deep red and round in shape.

Golden: the Golden beet variety is carrot colored and taste exactly like the red beets. The greens are also tasty. Most children love this beet variety.