Choosing Storm Windows: Exterior or Interior? Choosing Storm Windows: Exterior or Interior?

When you weather-proof your home, you will find that there could be a long-term difference in choosing and installing storm windows for the exterior or interior of your home. You have the choice of using the outside of your home as a storage place for your windows, or removing interior-mounted windows from your home when the seasons turn. Your windows should be easily installed in a matter of an hour for the entire house and protect you from the outside environment.

The Features and Benefits of Interior Storm Windows

Choosing interior storm windows allows you more control over the window environment in the case of breakages or other issues with the windows during a severe storm. This way, in acceptable conditions, you can remove and repair or even replace the windows that have been shattered in the event of a storm. This works well if in a situation where there are not evacuation laws being enforced and the weather is not dangerous enough that repairs would not otherwise risk your life.

The Features and Benefits of External Storm Windows

Placing storm windows on the exterior of your home would be more to protect your inner windows from outside weather conditions. This would be a situation where the cost of replacing your inside windows would be more costly than fixing windows outside. The storm windows themselves and the mounts for them, generally in this situation, cost less than the ones they are protecting. As a good example, the stained glass windows in a church should be protected by an outer layer of external or storm windows, to protect them from birds flying into them or damage from hail stones, for example.

The Local Environment and Weather Conditions

If you have rain and lightning storms in your area, and not much else, and your windows are not fancy or expensive, consider interior windows for your home or office. If the outside windows of your home are valuable, or you're in danger of facing larger storms such as typhoons or tornados and hurricanes, the storm windows on the exterior of your home would be the better choice. If you are in an area that is mainly effected by rain and snow, you will want to install interior storm windows, as they will offer the greatest amount of protection from outdoor and indoor temperature changes.

Cost and Efficiency

When dealing with storm windows on the exterior or interior of the home in relation to cost and efficiency, they come out nearly equal depending on the make and model of the installation kits. Some window kits are cheap while others are of a higher grade glass and quality. Do some investigating and make some quality and price comparisons before making a final decision. There are many informational services available on the Internet in reference to the tensile strength and durability of these windows in relation to withstanding a storm. Storm windows that are in place before the dead of winter or cold months are known to reduce utility bills by 40 percent.

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