Choosing The Best Airless Sprayer For The Job

You have decided that an airless sprayer would be perfect for you. Now with that decision out of the way the question arises of which one is right for you and your painting needs. Let’s look over a few options.


Consider how often you will be using your sprayer and how large of an area you plan on painting. If you are going to be using your sprayer for a few small jobs and odds and ends, then you most likely will not need a larger sprayer.

Tip Attachments

Different sprayers come with a wide variety of tips. The larger the sprayer usually means a wider selection of tips.


Some airless sprayers as easier to maneuver then others and come will have a larger or smaller sprayer tank. They also come with different hose sizes. If you do not want to carry your sprayer around room to room then a sprayer with a longer hose might work better for you.

What it comes down to, is that you will have a wide variety of options when it comes to your airless sprayer. Ask around to other airless sprayer owners and see how they like theirs.