Choosing the Best and Most Reliable Black Mold Testing Kit Choosing the Best and Most Reliable Black Mold Testing Kit

A black mold testing kit can be a cost effective method for those who suspect mold growth in their indoor surroundings. Home testing kits may not exactly quantify the amount of indoor mold, but they can deliver quick results. When choosing a testing kit, however, it is important to make sure that the kit uses a proven method for mold testing and can produce reliable results. Here are a few things that should be considered when choosing the best and most reliable black mold testing kit:

Capacity to Detect Black Mold

There are a number of mold testing kits in the market today but not all may have the capacity to detect black mold. Black mold, which is also otherwise known as the fungi “stachybotrys,” is different from ordinary mold. Black mold is distinct from other types of fungi because of its greenish black color. It also contains toxins which have been known to cause adverse reactions in even healthy individuals.

Reliability of Testing Procedure

One way of ensuring the reliability of a test kit is determining the reliability of its sampling procedure. There are generally 2 types of testing procedures that home testing kits use: air sampling, and surface sampling.

  • Air sampling is generally aimed at detecting the spores that molds release into the air. This sampling method can produce quick results; however, it may not be a suitable method at all times. During the testing period, the mold may not be producing enough spores for the sampling kit to detect. Results therefore may detect only minimal or no mold presence.
  • Surface sampling, on the other hand, can provide reliable results since samples are taken directly from the suspected infested area. The disadvantage to using this sampling procedure is that mold colonies thriving in other locations may not be detected.

When looking for a black mold testing kit, it will be best to consider one that uses several sampling methods. Air sampling can cancel out the limitations of surface sampling, and vice versa.

Ease and Safety of Instructions

Black mold can be dangerous to work with, so testing kit instructions should be worded so that they are easy and safe to follow. Instructions should be in a step by step format, providing health-conscious tips in each step. They should also clearly state the consequences if these step-by-step procedures are not accurately followed. This is to avoid wrong sampling and relying on invalid results.  

Black mold is a toxic type of mold; so when choosing a test kit, it is important for you to consider its quality to ensure reliable results. A test kit’s sampling method, ease of procedure, and ability to detect black mold or “stachybotrys” are important things to consider. And while testing kits can provide quick results, they only pave the way to even more important steps needed to achieve a truly mold-free environment.

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