Choosing the Best Automotive Air Filter Size

When you check your car's automotive air filter, you may find that it is dirty and needs to be changed. Changing it will be simple, but finding the right size may not be. There are several things you can do to ensure that your newly purchased filter is the right size.

Make a Note of Your Vehicle's Make, Model and Year

You will undoubtedly find automotive air filters at your nearest auto part stores. The key to buying the right size filter, however, will depend on your knowing the make, model and year of the car you have. Write this information in a notebook before going to buy your filter. With your information, the sales people at the parts store will be able to provide information about a variety of filters you can use on your car. Usually, this information will include sizes and pricing. Some stores will even help you install your filter.

Order Your Filter from an Online Parts Store

Search the Internet for auto parts dealers that sell auto parts online. At these online dealers you will typically see a selection of air filters made by various manufacturers. This information will usually include pricing, shipping costs, and possibly even sales tax.