Choosing the Best Body Kits for Spoilers

Body kits and spoilers nowadays are actually more for aesthetics than for performance. With lots of body kits flooding the automotive market today, it is very difficult to choose which spoilers are the best for your application. You first have to determine your reason for getting one. Is it for the aerodynamic performance of your ride or for the looks?

Trunk Spoiler

This is the spoiler that is placed on the trunk of the car. It can be of various heights and looks and is usually for aesthetic purposes only. However, for performance-based vehicles, trunk spoilers add some weight to the rear of the car to prevent front-wheeled cars from dipping during takeoff.

Front-Chin Spoiler

This spoiler is located and placed at the front bumper of cars. It is also attached mainly for making the front end of a car more “complete” and it adds character to the look of the vehicle. However, some chin spoilers regulate airflow to the bottom of the car, holding it closer to the ground, making it more useful than it looks.

Rear-Chin Spoiler

Just like the front-chin spoiler, this is attached to the rear bumper in order to basically complement its looks. Also like its brother up front, it can help channel airflow coming from underneath the car and expel it efficiently towards the rear creating a slight performance boost.

Roof Spoiler

These spoilers can usually be found at the edge of the roof where it meets the rear windscreen. Its main purpose, like that of other spoiler types, is for aesthetics. However, it can also lessen drag by optimizing the airflow on top of the car. Choose from these body kits spoilers the type which best suits your needs.