Choosing the Best Car Wax Polisher Pads for Your Car

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The success of a car wax polisher depends a great deal on the pad that is being used with it. Visit your local auto service shop and speak to a professional about your polishing needs. Polishing pads are available in several sizes, surface configurations, and compositions. The diameter can range from 6 to 10 inches. Larger sized pads tend to produce swirl marks and smaller sized pads lack cutting ability. The most commonly purchased pad has a diameter of 7½ inches.

Pad Material

The pad material is made from wool or foam. Wool pads can remove the top layers of paint. A foam pad, on the other hand, will cut less into the paint and rely on the heat that is produced while they are rotating.

Pad Cell Size

Foam pads vary in foam cell size. Open-cell foam pads have larger holes and closed-cell foam pads have smaller holes. Open-cell pads cut into the finish more than closed-cell foam pads. Closed-cell pads work better for final polishing.

Pad Surface Texture

Foam pads also vary in surface texture. Most foam pads are produced with a flat surface. However, there are some pads that are designed with a waffle surface. The waffle surface pads generate less heat than the flat ones.