Choosing the Best Companion Plants for Your Spirea

Spirea is one of the most popular plants used in landscape designs and gardens. This plant is a member of the rose family and comes in more than 80 species and several different varieties. Spireas are sturdy plants that have twiggy branches and small leaves. They come in different colors and are best displayed with ideal companion plants.

Best companion plants for Spirea

Creepig juniper- Spireas which are light in color, like pink or yellow look best when placed amongst dark foliage companion plants like creepig juniper. The creeping juniper can also be planted in the background to make it more attractive.

Loropetalum- A good companion plant for limemound spirea is loropetalum raspberry. You can even plant any summer spirea, mostly the pink ones with loropetalum.

Aster lateriflorus- Another wonderful companion for light colured spireas is the Aster lateriflorus or ‘Prince’. This plant has beautiful dark purple foliage which creates a wonderful background for spirea.

Heuchera or 'Stormy Seas'- This is another wonderful companion plant for spirea. When young, the leaves of this plant are maroon-purple and then turn to bronze-green as the plant ages.

Apart from these plants, spirea also grows well with Russian Sage, May Night Saliva and a variety of ornamental grasses.