Choosing the Best Location for an RV Air Conditioner

Motorhome parked by the beach
  • 5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-2,000

Since most recreational activities occur during the summer season, you need to have a reliable RV air conditioner to keep yourself and your family comfortable in your camper trailer. Not only is having the RV air conditioner unit sufficient, but the specific location of such also goes a long way in ensuring efficient extraction of heat from the camper and maintaining a cooler environment.

1. Locating the RV Air Conditioner at the Top

The RV air conditioner runs like the typical air conditioner installed in buildings or at home. It removes heat by sucking and running it through an evaporator, and then it pushes the heat through a condenser. Therefore, the location of an RV air conditioner should be at the ceiling of the camper or motorhome, such that when heat rises, it easily catches it to circulate back cooler air.

The set-up of the RV air conditioner is similar to the split type air conditioner—the compressor and condenser are separated from the head unit. The compressor and the condenser protrude at the top of the roof, while the air conditioning head unit is attached to the ceiling.

2. Make it Part of the Design

Inside of an upscale motorhome

If you want to modify your RV unit to suit your taste and your needs, you should include your air conditioning system in your modification design. When designing your air conditioning system, take into consideration the size, height and length of your RV as well the furniture and fixture you want to install inside your vehicle. Bigger RVs will require air conditioning units with higher horsepower, so make sure you get the right unit for your camper.

If you want to install a single air conditioning unit for your camper, see to it you put your unit around the middle of the vehicle, then use blowers to evenly distribute cold air around the camper. You need to have at least two blowers, one located at the back of your vehicle and another one at the front.

If you are planning to bring your RV to sunny and hot places, you might want to install more than one air conditioning unit. One of these units should be located at the front of the vehicle, while the other one should be located at the back, preferably around your sleeping area.

3. Inclusion of RV Air Conditioner to Your Motorhome

The best place to install your air conditioning system is at the central part of the motor home or closest to it. This way you will be able to efficiently distribute cool air on the different parts of your motorhome. The edges of the air conditioner should be at least eight inches away from the edge of the roof. This should ensure you have ample space to check on when servicing is needed. The spot should be strong enough to support it, and there should be no accessories, like lights, to obstruct at the ceiling directly below it. Any obstructions on the system may affect its cooling capacity, so as much as possible, remove all obstructions.