Choosing the Best Metal Roofing Manufacturer: 5 Tips Choosing the Best Metal Roofing Manufacturer: 5 Tips

Choosing the right metal roofing can take some time because there are several kinds from which to choose. Just keep in mind that the metal roof will save you heating and cooling costs, are fire resistant, snow and waterproof, and last much longer than conventional roofing materials. The following provides a few tips to help you select the right kind of metal roof.

Curb Appeal Options

With the unstable housing market, having a home with curb appeal is important. If you need to sell your home, you want to be able to do it quickly. For this reason you need to look at the inventory of metal roofing materials the manufacturer has to see if they have a style you like. There are options such as ridge depth, angled sections, and color that can all be a factor in your choice of a metal roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Option

Depending on your needs, you may want a metal roofing manufacturer that can give you the standing seam metal roof option. A standing seam, also known as a dutch seam, has a seam at one end and a lock on the other. This type of roof is typically installed on houses that have a steeper slope to the roof. This is important if you live in an area with a lot of rain or snow. Neither will stay on your roof very long.

One Sheet or Sections

When choosing your metal roofing manufacturer, take their inventory and availability into consideration. The type of roof that you currently have will effect the kind of metal roof you may want. A metal roof can come in large sheets that can be cut and sized to your needs (though many are standard sizes to make life simple for contractors and builders). Another option is buying metal roofing in sections of panels. You have to size, fit, and cut to your specific needs. The manufacturer can often do this for you for a fee.

Fashionable Metal

Metal roofing is also available in individual and panel designs. Both of these can have the look of standard roofs. Your metal roof can look like asphalt, clay tile, stone, slate, and even wood. They press the full sheets into a mold or cut sections and mold. The full panels are preferred over shingles due to the ease in installation. If you would like something of this nature, inquire with the manufacturers you are talking to.

Choices in Metal

Metal roofing can be made out of several kinds of metal including:

  • Steel

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminum

The cost of these metals vary greatly and, depending on your needs by way of weather conditions, some may be more than you need. Copper and stainless steel are the two metal roofing materials which are the most corrosion resistant and expensive. You can add coatings to some metal roofing materials in order to make them more durable.

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