Choosing the Best Place to Put a Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier

It is important to choose the right place for your portable air conditioner dehumidifier. Here are a few tips to help you find its ideal location.

Near an Electric Socket

It is fundamental to place the unit near an electric socket. This location would prevent anyone from accidentally tripping over its wirings. Also, it’s advisable if you place the portable unit against the wall. This way, people are less likely to accidentally run into it. If necessary, use an extension outlet. Make sure as well that unit wiring is plugged securely.

Near Windows

Portable air conditioner dehumidifiers usually have hoses that would have to go through windows in order to utilize air from the outside for maintaining the desired temperature throughout the room. If the hose is improperly placed, it may affect the performance of the unit or maybe even damage the unit permanently.

Not Prone to Excessive Moisture or Likely to Have Leaks

If you plan on leaving your portable unit running without supervision, make sure that you install it in a location that is not prone to experiencing excessive moisture through leaks or drafts. Your unit could malfunction if a considerable amount of water gets into its system. Likewise, do not install it in any other areas where water or any other liquid is being served or used.

Inaccessible to Children or Pets

Children especially toddlers are very curious in everything that’s new to their eyes. Thus, it’s advisable to install the unit that would keep it safely out of reach from children and even your pets. Better yet, consider placing your portable air conditioner dehumidifier in areas that are rarely occupied or used.

Far from Other Electrical Appliances

Portable air conditioning units with heat drip models have water trays for water drippings. These trays need to be emptied at least every other day. If this task is forgotten, water may spill on to the ground, wetting and possibly damaging nearby electrical appliances. Certainly, this also poses a danger to occupants at home.

Then again, there are no-drip models available, but expect them to be pricier.

One other reason that you should avoid placing your portable unit right next to electrical appliances is the potential for their combined heat, when they are in use at the same time, to lead to unwanted accidents.


If you are still at a loss of where to best place your portable air conditioner dehumidifier, you could always ask for help from the manufacturing company. If they can’t provide in-house installation service, they’ll most probably be able to redirect you to a trusted installation team. Admittedly, this would again cost you a few extra bucks, but consider it well worth the price in exchange for guaranteed safety when using your portable unit.