Choosing the Best Places to Use Solar Electric Panels Choosing the Best Places to Use Solar Electric Panels

Solar electric panels are one of the best ways of saving energy and reducing your fuel bill while limiting the impact of your energy use on the planet. Solar electric panels were once very cumbersome and expensive, and you needed a large area to place them in order to ensure that they collected any sun at all, but with the benefits of modern technology, solar electric panels have significantly improved, so that now they can be conveniently used wherever you wish to place them in your home. In order to get the best from your solar panels, you will need to consider the best location for the panel, both for energy collection, and also convenience of use. This decision depends very much upon what type of solar panel you have, and what you will be using it for.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Perhaps one of the most interesting advances in solar technology is the thin film solar panel. These are often used during camping trips, and for temporary energy collection, but they can also be used in areas which do not get a lot of sunshine. While it is generally agreed that they are not the most powerful of the solar panels, they are best able to be used in shady spots, those areas with infrequent sunshine, and in places where you would like to transport them quickly from one sunny spot to another. If you have a garden which does not get regular sunshine, but would like to use solar energy, then the thin film solar panel is the best choice.

Panels on Flat Roofs

The flat roof is considered to be the ideal place to put a solar panel. The position of the roof should be taken into consideration, as the side of the building may interrupt the brightest sunlight if you don't place your solar panel carefully. Try to mark out on the roof where the spots of shade fall during particular hours, and choose a spot to place your solar panel where the midday sun is most unimpeded. If the panel becomes shaded during the afternoon, this is not such a problem as if it is covered by shadow during the hottest part of the day.

Panels on Sloping Roofs

If you are considering installing a solar panel hot water tank, then you are probably eager to install the solar panel close by. This will save on the costs of fitting large lengths of tubing to carry the refrigerant to and from the tank. In this case, the best place to put your solar panel is on a nearby roof. A south-facing roof will be best, as this is most likely to catch the midday sun, but if you have tall buildings around you, you need to consider whether these will cast shadows over the panel during daylight.

Panels in Gardens

The portable solar panel can be used to heat up swimming pools, and to power garden tools. These can be moved around, so you might want to fit wheels to the supports, so that you can position your solar panel to get the best sunlight, and then move it around as you need to.

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