Choosing the Best Solar Fountain Pump Kits

When you beautify your living space with a solar fountain, you transform that environment into a peaceful space that all can enjoy. Solar fountains convert sunlight into energy, without the hassle and displeasing look of cords. No noise, harmful emissions, or need for outlets. Place your solar fountain in your garden, yard, or even in your house. Not only can they be set up anywhere, they are virtually maintenance free.

How a Solar Fountain Works

Solar fountains come in a variety of sizes that should meet any budget. The solar cells that power your solar fountain are called PV cells (Photovoltaic cells). These cells take in light from the sun and transform it into electricity. Unlike batteries, that store energy and provide a constant energy source, the solar cells are designed to work in full sunlight. This eliminates the need for outdoor wiring, which requires waterproofing outdoor switches, outdoor receptacles, and outdoor wiring codes that must be followed. The cells are placed above the pump in direct sunlight, and the pump is submerged in water. Some models come with an on/off switch, while others simply run once exposed to the sun.

Finding the Right Solar Pump

Companies sell solar fountain kits in many different sizes. A 24-inch pump can put out 160 liters of water an hour, while a 36-inch pump puts out 200 liters an hour. For those larger needs, like a fishpond, there is even a 5.5-foot model that can pump 400 liters of water an hour. If you are looking into a solar fountain for your pond, check out a solar powered oxygenator that can also be included in a kit. Your fountain works best on sunny days. Those sunny days, however, deplete the oxygen from your pond. The solar oxygenator sits on the side of your pond and supplies it with an ample supply of oxygen.

Companies specializing in solar pumps, typically service all areas, from commercial to residential. Many companies are going green, and are now carrying these products. Chances are, there is a local dealer near you. If there is not a local dealer in your area, you can deal with one of the many companies advertising online. You can contact them by phone or email. Browse their products to find the one that is right for you.

Other Factors to Consider

Your solar fountain can be placed anywhere, but there are a few things you should consider. Your placement should avoid trees with over hanging branches or heavily shaded areas. Any type of structure that might interfere with sunlight reaching your cells, can and will stop your pump from running. The best placement for your fountain is in an area that will allow it to get as much sunlight as possible. Cloudy days will most definitely make your fountain run slower. Believe it or not, you can even place your fountain indoors. It can be powered by an AC battery that can be purchased just about wherever solar fountains are sold. You can enjoy your solar fountain wherever you want. Relax to the peaceful sound of flowing water, and power your next fountain with solar energy.