Choosing the Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Choosing the Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine

The best upholstery cleaning machine would be the model that you prefer to use most regularly and one which you find to be the most effective. There are many different cleaning machines and methods for cleaning upholstery so it may be difficult to target the best machine Here are a few things to consider:


Price is a very important thing to consider as there is little point in paying over-the-top prices for a cleaning machine you will hardly ever use. Set a budget and stick to it. Many lower-priced models will do exactly the job you're looking for.

Type of Upholstery

Choose a cleaning machine that will be friendly to your upholstery type. If you have plenty of delicate fabrics, a steam cleaner would be a good choice as it will not damage them. For tougher fabrics, consider a carpet cleaner which can be used and adapted in many different ways.


If you are choosing a machine to get rid of specific stains, base your choice around this. A delicate cleaner is less likely to remove stubborn and old stains.

Personal Preferences

It is fine to allow space for personal preferences in your choice. This will mean covering areas such as energy use of the cleaner, environmental friendliness and stock availability.

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