Choosing the Right Boat Fender Side

A boat fender is used to protect the boat in case of a collision, either a collision with rocks in the dock or boats out at sea. If the boat hits rocks then the fender will act as a buffer and the boat will bounce off. In the event that two boats collide, they will be pushed apart by the fenders hopefully unmarked. Choosing the right fender for the side of your boat depends on several factors including personal preference, boat size and budget.

Personal Preference

Modern sailors tend to prefer fenders made out of plastic or vinyl as they can be designed in different colors to match the appearance of the boat. However, old style seamen take this as an offense and much prefer the handcrafted rope fenders.

Boat Size

Most boats are advised to have at least three fenders, but five fenders is the optimal amount. A boat fender supplier will be able to inform you of the right size fender for your particular boat.

Based on a Budget

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. A simple fender can be made out of an old car tire; however, in a collision this could leave marks on the boat. If you have a larger budget then spending a little extra on a plastic boat fender filled with foam or air is a good idea.