Choosing the Right Butt Hinges

Butt hinges have two wings that are held together with the help of a pin called the pivot pin. These wings are referred to as right handed openings and left handed openings. It might be difficult to choose the best butt hinge to use for a particular project. The article discusses some tips for doing so.

Tip Number 1 - Quality of Butt Hinge

Make sure the butt hinge is of good quality and a durable product. The knuckle should be drilled and fitted together which makes it tighter and stronger. Always remember, never to purchase hinges which are made of thin sheet metal.

Tip Number 2 - Right Size

When choosing the right butt hinge, make sure that you purchase one which matches the size and color of the door.

Tip Number 3 - Check Area

Check to make sure that the application area is not fragile. Therefore, always  choose the hinge which leaves about 1/8 of an inch of wood right behind the mortise.

Make sure you attach the bottom hinge for the door and not the top hinge because the top hinge will end up leaving a fragile sliver of wood on the edge of the mortise. By following these tips, you will be able to find the best butt hinge for your door to use.