Choosing the Right Door Knob Rosette Choosing the Right Door Knob Rosette

Installing a door knob in place of old door hardware is one of the easiest and classiest ways to revamp your interiors.

Types Available

With a huge variety of door knobs and rosettes to go with them available in the market from French styles to rustic and antique vintage styles, choosing the right door knobs and rosettes can be difficult not only in terms of interior designing but also practicality. 


Although the choice of having any type of rosette and knob is available, it all depends on the type of function your door will be performing too. With door knob types called Single Dummy, Double Dummy, Passage and Privacy Sets, it comes to choosing the knob and rosette that would be appropriate for the function.

Single dummies are knobs without rotation or latches, on one side of the door. Double dummies are on both sides of the door but without latches and rotation, passage types are double sided too but with latches, usually used for wardrobes and privacy types come with a lock. Keeping these functions in mind for the type of door you desire, the type of door knob rosette can be chosen too. Usually, expensive rosettes and door knobs are not used for doors that won’t be seen by a lot of people like wardrobes etc and vice versa. Make your decision based on these functional factors.

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