Choosing the Right Grade Copper Pipe

Many people do not realize that there is a specific grade of copper pipes that are used for each plumbing purpose. These different grades are for different purposes and applications. It is important to realize the differences before you buy copper piping for your next project. 

L Grade of Copper Pipe

When shopping for copper pipe for plumbing needs, you should take great care in selecting the right grade for the job. There are basically two main grades from which to choose. The L grade of copper piping is mostly used in interior plumbing applications. This grade is the strongest of the two but also more expensive. 

M Grade of Copper Pipe

The M grade of copper pipe is mostly used in exterior plumbing projects. While it is a little weaker than the L grade, it is suitable for the exterior job because it is easier to repair when a leak happens. This grade is used for plumbing outdoor features like fountains, ponds, and exterior faucets. 

Copper Pipe for Art Projects

Copper pipe is not only used for plumbing. It is also a great way to build structures for art projects. The M grade is the type of copper pipe that is used for these projects. Because it is thinner, it is easier to bend, cut, and work with.