Choosing the Right Greenhouse Heater

Investing in a greenhouse heater is an important step in ensuring that your plants are protected against diseases caused by cold temperatures or the frost in the winter season. This type of heater can also help in enhancing the air circulation inside the greenhouse during the summer months. By minimizing the moisture or the dampness of your greenhouse, this heating apparatus is instrumental in developing seedlings and propagating plants. To help you pick the right greenhouse heater for your plant shed, here are some tips on the different types of heaters.

Paraffin Greenhouse Heater

This type of heater is actually the most basic one available in the market. Thus, it is also the cheapest heater that you can buy for your greenhouse. Aside from the device itself, the type of fuel used is also very affordable. Paraffin is actually derived from crude petroleum and can give off carbon dioxide which, in turn, is needed by plants.

On the downside, a paraffin greenhouse heater may be hard to maintain because paraffin, as a type of fuel, is no longer widely used and may be difficult to find these days. Plus, this type of heater can only be controlled manually, so it may keep on working even if temperature levels in the greenhouse do not require heat.

Gas Greenhouse Heater

This is one of the most common types of heaters for greenhouses. Many horticulturists choose gas powered heaters because these are more cost efficient. Gas heaters use natural gas or bottled gas and they bring out the same results as electric heaters. The only downside is that using a gas greenhouse heater would also require a very efficient ventilation system because the risk of having large amounts of fumes or smoke inside the greenhouse is quite significant. Trapped inside an enclosed plant shed, fumes coming from the heater can be dangerous to your plants.

Electric Greenhouse Heater

If you do not want the risks associated with a gas powered heating device, you can opt for an electric greenhouse heater. This type of heater is popular because it is very effective in holding temperature at constant levels in a given area. Besides, electric heaters do not emit harmful fumes, so you do not have to worry about spending more money on ventilation.

Still, choosing an electric powered heater for your greenhouse is not without drawbacks. This type of heating device is more expensive than a gas powered one. Secondly, many horticulturists complain about the tendency of an electrical heater to concentrate the heat only in areas that are near the spot where it has been installed. In other words, much needed warm air may not be efficiently distributed in some areas of the greenhouse. To prevent this problem, it is ideal to have at least two electrical heaters if you have a big greenhouse. Or you can just choose this heater only if you have a small plant shed.  

In the end, the size of your greenhouse will determine what type of heater will be appropriate. Factors like power, operating costs, and even size of the device will be largely affected by what kind of greenhouse you have.