Choosing the Right Rock Climbing Shoe

Choosing a rock climbing shoe is one the most important parts of getting involved in rock climbing. If you are going to start rock climbing, you have to have a good pair of shoes for the task. This one piece of equipment could be the difference between a successful rock climb or suffering an injury during the process. Here are a few things to consider about choosing the right rock climbing shoe for you.

Types of Climbing Shoes

Here are some of the different types of rock climbing shoes that you can purchase, depending on what type of climbing you will be doing.

  • All-purpose climbing shoe
  • Bouldering shoe
  • Indoor climbing shoe
  • Trad shoe

All-Purpose Climbing Shoes

One type of shoe that you could purchase is the all-purpose climbing shoe. This is a good all-around shoe that can be used on a variety of climbing trips. This is a popular shoe for beginning climbers because it allows you to try several different climbing methods without any issues. Then when you decide to focus on a particular type of rock climbing, you can zero in on a specialty shoe. This type of climbing shoe has a very stiff sole which is good for beginners. While your leg muscles are developing, this type of sole will help support your weight while climbing. Many of these shoes also have laces that go all the way down to the toe. With this feature, it allows you to make sure that your shoe fits well throughout the foot. 

Bouldering Shoe

These are typically considered to be the high-end rock climbing shoes. These give you superior traction, and they help transfer all of the power to your big toe, which makes it easier to climb. These shoes are for experienced climbers, and they generally have a softer sole on them. This allows you to feel the subtle nuances of the boulder and choose the right positioning for your feet. These shoes tend to maintain their shape and avoid stretching out, which allows you to use them for an extended period of time without any issues. 

Indoor Climbing Shoes

If you are planning on climbing indoors on rock walls, you might want to purchase indoor climbing shoes. A regular gym shoe could work for this application as well. Indoor climbing shoes do not have to be as stiff as multi-purpose shoes, and they are generally more comfortable. 

Trad Shoes

Trad shoes are another type of climbing shoe that you can purchase. This type of shoe is very similar to the all-purpose climbing shoe, but it is a little bit better suited for climbing in multi-pitch routes. This is a great multi-purpose shoe that is designed to allow you to wear it all day regardless of what you are doing. Many of these shoes even have padded soles in them in case you need to be able to hike at some point. This will keep you comfortable while you are on the trail or on a mountain.