Choosing the Right Screws for a Composite Deck Choosing the Right Screws for a Composite Deck

When designing your outdoor living space with maintenance-free materials, you also need to consider which screws composite deck material works best with. There are two major factors to contend with when using composite decking materials and the hardware you choose makes a big difference to the finished look.

Color Matching

Composite materials come in a wide range of colors. Fasteners that are matched with the particular brand will offer colored screws composite deck boards hide to give a smooth finished look. Generally, #10 screws are used at 2 1/2-inch to 2 3/4-inch lengths. Most of the time only the head of the screw is colored. This matching option is available on both plated and stainless steel screws.


A particular problem with composite decking is mushrooming. This is when flakes and buildup occur around the screw head as it is driven in, causing a mushroom-like bulge to appear on the deck surface.  

Specially-made screws composite deck manufacturers recommend will eliminate mushrooming. These fasteners are shaped in a certain way to avoid this problem common to all brands of composite decking. If regular screws are used extensive refinishing on the surface of the deck materials will be required, creating extra work for you and a substandard finish.

Choose screws made specifically for composite deck materials and enjoy the smoothest, most attractive finish on your outdoor living space.

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