Choosing the Right Snowboard Stomp Pad

A stomp pad is an essential piece of snowboarding equipment, allowing riders to control the board effectively with their back foot when it is not fixed in its binding. As snowboarders are not allowed to ride on lifts in most resorts with both feet attached to their board, a stomp pad is needed to maintain traction on the board during tricky lift dismounts. While some snowboarders prefer not to sully the design of their deck with the addition of a stomp pad, choosing not to add a pad can leave you unable to control your board at the lift summit, leading to embarrassing falls in front of other winter sports enthusiasts.

Foam Stomp Pads 

Foam stomp pads are usually reasonably priced and offer good grip when new, making them the perfect choice for a short snowboarding break. Foam stomp pads with a relief pattern will offer greater traction between boot and board. Foam stomp pads come in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning most riders will find a design that fits their footprint. However, the opacity of foam pads means that they can obscure attractive board graphics, and stomp pads made of this material can become worn with use, resulting in pitting and flattening that can affect their efficacy, making it harder for a boot to find traction. Replacing a foam stomp pad can be time consuming, as a deteriorating pad will often leave a sticky residue on the board surface that will need removing with acetate before a new stomp pad can be applied. 

Rubber Stomp Pads 

Rubber stomp pads generally offer a good level of grip, which can be further increased in pads featuring a ribbed or bumped design. For riders who are looking for a stomp pad that will not obscure the board design, there are transparent rubber stomp pad designs available, which allow existing graphics to show through. More durable than foam, rubber stomp pads offer a longer lasting stomp pad solution, making them a good choice for regular riders and winter season resort working riders. Available in a selection of sizes and designs, rubber stomp pads can be found to fit most feet. 

Stomp Pad Studs 

For those who wish to create a custom-style stomp pad, studs may well provide the perfect solution. Stomp pad studs come in a range of finishes. Popular choices include metallic studs for an eye-catching design, transparent studs to reduce impact on existing graphics, or a selection of novel opaque plastic styles. Studs come in a range of shapes, offering varying degrees of traction suitable for all levels of rider. Choosing stomp pad studs allows the snowboarder to create their own design and build a stomp pad that is in perfect proportion to the foot that will sit on it. Because stomp pad studs are smaller and individually applied to the board surface, this choice of stomp pad style reduces the area of the deck that is affected by the stomp pad adhesive.