Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Carpet Reducers

A carpet reducer is a piece of molding that is installed on the floor where a piece of carpet stops and some other type of flooring starts. These neat strips are used to help transition flooring between rooms or other spaces, as well as for holding down and sealing the edges of carpet where it ends. Without carpet reducers, the edges of carpet might tend to fray, or come loose from the floor.

Materials for Carpet Reducers

Although some carpet reducers are made of metal, new designs include many laminate and hardwood flooring choices for a carpet reducer molding. Prime woods, like walnut, can add appeal to a flooring transition, but other alternatives like pressboard, rubberwood or laminate options can work just as well, and come at a lower price. Also, the more reinforced carpet reducers will tend to wear and scuff less as they are impacted by high traffic.

Choosing the Right Carpet Reducer

In addition to materials, property owners must choose the right carpet reducers in terms of size for a doorway or other space. The carpet reducers need to fit well, and be installed against the flooring surface. Those who need to add these features can look at cost, durability, shape and size to get the best results for individual projects.