Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Overlap Reducers

It is important to know which molding is right for the transition from a floating laminate hardwood floor to another type of flooring. An expansion area must always be provided to allow for the floating floor to expand and contract.


Overlap reducers are moldings that are used for a finishing transition from laminate flooring to vinyl, terrazzo, carpet or another hardwood floor covering, usually in a doorway. If it is a larger area and splicing is necessary, make a miter cut, not a butt cut, with the point going in the same direction as your line of vision when going into the room.

Attaching the Molding

The overlap reducer is not attached to the flooring, or the expansion and contraction will cause the floor to buckle. The expansion area should be ½-inch to ¾-inch. The molding is attached to the sub floor. If the subfloor is concrete, the overlap reducer will need to be attached using construction adhesive. Most installers also use construction adhesive on wood subfloors. Apply the adhesive, seat the molding and tape until the glue sets up. If nailing, then the nail will have to be set and the hole sealed with a wood putty that is the same color as the molding.