Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Quarter Round

Different kinds of molding provide effective decorative value for interior spaces. Quarter round molding is often used as a part of a baseboard or as a stand-alone molding for interior areas. Quarter round molding is composed of one quarter of a cylinder, so that the cut on it is at 90 degrees. That means the molding can rest against 2 perpendicular edges, with the rounded side out, presenting a curbed appearance to transition the 2 surfaces.

Uses of Quarter Round Molding

Builders can use quarter round molding at the bottom of a flat baseboard, to create an additional curved lip where the baseboard meets the floor. In thresholds, where small pieces of molding can help demarcate spaces on either side of a doorway, quarter round pieces can form an effective edge.

Materials for Quarter Round Molding

Because quarter round molding comes in such small pieces, manufacturers can use less valuable lumber to create this molding. Quarter round molding is often made from light woods or materials when it is mainly decorative. Threshold quarter round molding or other molding, made for high traffic areas may be made more durable to withstand wear.

Look for quarter round molding pieces at your local home improvement store.