Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Reducer Strips

When installing hardwood laminate floor, you must choose the right molding for the right application. The different types of moldings provide a nice transition from the laminate floor to another surface and cover the area that is left open to allow for the expansion and contraction that a floating floor will experience. They come finished to match the flooring style and color.

Reducer Strips

Reducer strips, also called flush reducers, are trim pieces that are tapered to one side, and grooved on the other side. They come in lengths of 78 inches and are two inches wide.  The normal gap left for transition is ½ to ¾ of an inch. They are the same height as the thickness of the floor material. Reducer strips are used when the laminate is adjacent to a floor with a lower height, such as vinyl. The strips are also used around fixed objects for trim purposes.


The reducer strip is cut to size, and using a rubber mallet tapped into the corresponding tongue of the flooring until seated firmly. If necessary, a bead of construction adhesive can be applied to the groove of the reducer strip. If more than 78 inches is needed, join lengths by using a miter cut at splices.