Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Stair Nosing

Among the many kinds of molding that builders used to create neat spaces, stair nosing is one option for outfitting flights of stairs to create more attractive interior designs and more functional stairways. Whether a home or other property has a full flight of stairs, or several steps up to a split level space, stair nosing can be an effective visual and functional choice for stair molding.

Stair Nosing: Uses

In most cases, stair nosing is a thin, custom-made molding that fits over the leading edge of a step. Some stair molding is made mainly as a decorative veneer, so that home improvers can match the look of a staircase to other flooring. Some stair nosing serves to even edges and provide durability for high-traffic steps.

Materials for Stair Nosing

Stair nosing comes in different materials. Some commercial designs feature aluminum or other metal stair nosing options. Many residential kinds of stair nosing are made from different types of wood. Some stair nosing is made from high class woods like oak or walnut, while other wood stair molding is made from items like bamboo, rubberwood or laminate.

Evaluate different shapes and types of stair nosing for adding to the appeal and functional use of a set of steps.