Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: T-Moldings

Floating laminate floors provide the installer with numerous different styles of molding. Each piece provides an overlap that will cover the expansion area of ½- to ¾0inch, the area that must be provided so that the wood floor is allowed to expand and contract as humidity and temperature levels change inside the room. There is a specific style of molding for every situation, which gives the finished floor a professional look. Moldings are color coordinated with the floor.


T-moldings are used for a finish transition from the wood flooring to a tile floor, or to another wood floor with the same thickness or height. The molding is 2 inches wide, in the shape of a letter T and attached to the subfloor with a good quality construction adhesive. It comes in 78-inch lengths. Press down or tap with a rubber mallet.


If more than one piece is used, splices should be made using miter cuts rather than 90-degree cuts. Having the point go in the same direction as your line of vision when you enter the room will minimize the appearance of the seam. The molding should be taped down on either side until the adhesive sets firmly.