Choosing the Right Wheelchair Van Ramps for You

When you have a disabled member in your family and he or she is on a wheelchair, wheelchair van ramps are integral devices for transporting your loved one. Choosing the correct ramp that is best suited for your needs is very important in order to minimize the difficulty of loading the wheelchair into the van.

In-floor Van Ramps

As the name states, these ramps come out from underneath the flooring of the van. The ramp is hidden from view under the floor and it slides out onto the ground outside so the person on the wheelchair can easily get in the vehicle.

Pull-out Van Ramps

Pull-out ramps are neatly folded on the floor of the van so they are not taking up space inside. There is a hinge right by the edge of the flooring by the door and that’s where it folds outwards. The only problem here is that everyone inside must step out in order to unfold the ramp.

Rear-Door Van Ramp

These ramps are found at the back of the van. These would be recommended if you want the person on the wheelchair to be at the rear of the van all to himself. These usually come only in pull-out systems because the rear of these vans are usually too high for in-floor ramp types.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

These ramps are made of lightweight material which makes them portable. They are light, but sturdy enough to take the full weight of a wheelchair and its occupant. These kinds of wheelchair van ramps are most useful since not all vans can accommodate a built-in wheelchair van ramp.