Choosing Victorian Style Furniture

The characteristics of Victorian style furniture are furniture that is large, with heavy proportions that fill a room. The furniture will be elaborately carved, curvy and will have a lot of ornamentation. The carved designs for this era are curved lines, floral patterns, leaves and animals.


The wood that is used for Victorian furniture is dark wood such as walnut, mahogany and rosewood, but you will also be able to find some furniture that is made with oak or cherry. The upholstery on the chairs, sofas and the ottomans is very colorful, rich looking, elaborate and plush, and adorned with fringe, tassels and embellishments.

Colors and Styles

The colors most often used are deep reds, amber, emerald, and dark brown. Velvet is a common textile used on furniture as well as for window coverings. Some pieces of furniture have marble tabletops, along with marble mantels and some of the smaller marble furnishings. To match the Victorian style, you should have many pieces of furniture that includes furniture that is solely for the purpose of displaying the ornaments. The more “over the top” the furniture, the more it would be considered to be from the Victorian era.